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The Woodcroft complex is located in North Vancouver’s lower Capilano neighbourhood on the bank of the Capilano River.  Constructed in the 1970’s by Daon Development Corporation, this complex is a unique development by today’s standards.  Six concrete high rise towers occupy the 13-acre site with a total of 1222 freehold, strata condominiums.  With nearly 1800 parking stalls, the complex offers one stall for each suite and generous, above ground guest parking.  The grounds are extensively landscaped and maintained by a full time gardening staff.  24 hour, 7 day a week, onsite security gives residents peace of mind.  Each building has managers who work in conjunction with the onsite property management staff to ensure the complex runs smoothly for the residents.  Extensive recreation facilities have always been a popular feature of the complex.  There are 3 complete and separate facilities; each shared by 2 buildings. There is a guest suite located in the 2008 (Seymour) building that can be rented for guests of residents. All six buildings have Depreciation Reports.


Due to the age of the complex, in-suite laundry was not planned for and cannot be installed so a shared laundry room is located on the first basement level of each building.  In some buildings, one indoor cat is allowed but dogs are prohibited. Hardwood or laminate flooring is allowed subject to approval and installation guidelines. Limits to the number of residents in each suite are in place to enhance the lifestyle of all residents. There are no fireplaces in any of the suites.


One of the benefits of construction to the old standards is relief from the tragedy of the “leaky condo” crisis.  With a solid concrete building envelope, there are no stucco panels to leak and cause the massive damage seen in later construction. There is no history of building envelope failure due to design, engineering, poor workmanship or materials. All six buildings have completed major infrastructure upgrades in recent years. For a summary of work for a specific building, please click on the "buildings" links . Each Strata Corporation has a sizable contingency reserve fund and a continuous maintenance and upgrade program including the common property of the Woodcroft complex. In 2021, all six buildings are beginning a major project to repair the underground parkade membrane. This will be done in phases over three years. A new common garden area over the parkade is planned for this project.

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